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A number of our clients are asking the question: “Why do I need a work permit in Ukraine?” We decided to answer the questions that arise in connection with the receipt of this document.

Who needs to obtain a work permit to Ukraine?

  • You are a foreigner, want to run your own business in Ukraine and are located in Ukraine;
  • You are an investor, you want to invest money in the economy of Ukraine and stay in Ukraine to run your business;
  • You are a foreign IT specialist, you want to open your own business in Ukraine and stay in Ukraine for a certain time;
  • You are a foreign businessman, you want to open a branch of your own company in Ukraine and stay in Ukraine for a certain time;
  • You are a foreigner, you want to open your own business in Ukraine and work as a managing director;
  • You are a foreign businessman, and you are only looking for Ukraine to conduct your business, you want to stay in Ukraine for a certain time to establish business relations;

When moving to Ukraine to conduct and manage your own business, as well as open a branch of an already existing foreign company in Ukraine, certain grounds for the presence of a foreign citizen in Ukraine are required. Visa legislation allows a certain number of foreigners to stay on the territory of Ukraine for a period of 90 out of 180 days. In order to stay in Ukraine longer - you need a special permit - a residence permit. One of the grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine is a work permit. If you decide to become a director of your own company opened in Ukraine, officially reside in Ukraine to conduct business activities, obtaining these documents is necessary.

A work permit — is a document that allows you to officially work as a director in your own company and obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for a period of 6 months to 3 years.

A work permit —  is an official document issued by the State Employment Center of Ukraine.



What does this document look like?

Why do you need a work permit?

  1. Gives the right to obtain a visa on the basis of work in your own company (business) / an existing company;
  2. Gives the right to work on the territory of Ukraine;
  3. Is the basis for obtaining a residence permit after opening your own business in Ukraine;

Can a work permit be extended?

Answer: Yes, if there are grounds, the work permit can be extended an unlimited number of times. An application for the extension of a work permit is submitted to the Employment Center no later than 20 calendar days before the expiration of such a permit.

Can a work permit be canceled?

Answer: Yes. A work permit can be canceled in a number of cases:

       №1 At the initiative of the employer:

  1. Upon termination of an employment contract with a non-resident/stateless person.
  2. If the Migration Service of Ukraine has made a decision to recognize a foreigner as a refugee or a person who requires additional protection.
  3. If there was a fact of suspension of the execution of an agreement (contract) concluded between Ukrainian and foreign economic entities, in connection with which a foreigner or stateless person was sent;
  4. In a number of other, individual cases.

In order not to face the annulment of this document, we advise you to contact the lawyers of our Pravelon company who have over 10 years of experience in law.

 № 2 At the initiative of the Center for Employment of the Population (state agency):

  1. Failure by the employer to pay the fee for issuing or renewing the permit within the period specified by the Law on Employment of the Population;
  2. Due to the fact that the employer did not submit a copy of the employment contract to the Employment Center;
  3. Submission by the employer of a written application to revoke the permit under certain circumstances;
  4. Identification of unreliable data in the documents submitted by the employer;
  5. Availability of a decision on the forced return or forced expulsion of a foreigner or stateless person, adopted in accordance with Articles 26 and 30 of the Law of Ukraine "On the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons";
  6. Establishing the fact of using the labor of a foreigner or a stateless person on conditions other than those determined by a work permit, or by another employer (except for part-time work).
  7. If the foreigner did not use his right to appeal against the decision of the Migration Service to refuse recognition as a refugee or a person in need of additional protection, or in the event of a final decision on the refusal to recognize him as a refugee or a person in need of additional protection;
  8. Entry into legal force of a guilty verdict by which a foreigner or a stateless person is convicted of a criminal offense.

When applying for this service to Pravelon, the company's lawyers work exclusively under a contract. 

All obligations of the company and the client are contained in the service agreement.The company's lawyers independently communicate with government agencies on all emerging issues, contribute to the quick and unimpeded receipt of all necessary documents.Pravelon's lawyers monitor the terms and conditions for obtaining a work permit in Ukraine, with the subsequent issuance of the document "in hand" to the client.

How to get a work permit to Ukraine?

In order to obtain a work permit, it is necessary to sign an employment contract with a company that intends to employ a foreigner/stateless person.

Two options: 1) An already existing company on the territory of Ukraine, which invites a non-resident for employment. (as an example: an IT company inviting a foreign IT specialist to work in Ukraine);

                           2) Personal company of a non-resident, opened on the territory of Ukraine.

Documents for obtaining a work permit:

  1. A copy of the foreigner's passport;
  2. Power of attorney from the company that will employ the foreigner;
  3. Company documents - extract, charter;
  4. Contract with a foreigner (draft);
  5. Photograph of a foreigner 3.5*4.5 cm – digital;
  6. A package of documents for the employment center;
  7. A number of other required documents.
Pravelon LLC answered the most important questions that come to us every day from non-residents of Ukraine. If you have any additional questions after reading this article, leave your details and our lawyers will contact you.

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