Design registration patents

Design registration patents. In Ukraine, patents are issued for the following objects:

invention is the result of intellectual and creative activity, a technical solution to a problem in a certain area of ​​human activity that meets the patentability criteria, is novel, is industrially applicable and has an inventive step.

For an invention, the objects of patenting may be a product (device, substance, etc.), a process (method), as well as a new application of a known product or process.

A utility model is an object of industrial property, a new technical solution. Such “small inventions”, industrial innovations are considered not as significant as the actual inventions.

A utility model may not have an inventive step. There are only two conditions for its patentability:

Why is it important to patent your invention?

Patenting is the only way to fully realize your property rights to technical solutions. You can financially evaluate and monetize only those solutions for which you have a patent. Also, this document gives the exclusive right to sell the invention, prohibit or allow the use of it or manufacture products based on it to third parties.

Benefits of patenting technical solutions

  1. Protection of technical solutions from being copied by competitors
  2. Monetary valuation and capitalization
  3. Transfer of an idea into an asset with a certain value
  4. The right to authorize or prohibit the use of a technical solution
  5. Protection of a competitive advantage
  6. Ability to sell the rights to use

An industrial design is a registered design of your product.

The best strategy is to obtain an industrial design certificate before your product goes to market.

What does the registration of an industrial design give?

Only obtaining a title of protection can protect your advantage.

Benefits of registering an industrial design

Original design, recognizable packaging or unique website interface – all this can be an industrial design, that is, an design solution for any industrial product.

What is the validity period of an industrial design certificate?

The validity period of property rights to an industrial design is 5 years from the date of filing an application with the NIPO and is extended at the request of the owner of the industrial design for one or more five-year terms. The maximum period of validity of property rights to a registered industrial design is 25 years from the date of filing the application.

Terms of cooperation

Payment for our services is hourly.

For 1 hour – 50$. Based on this rate, we calculate prices for services.

The approximate price for the service is $300 – $400. The cost of a Certificate for an industrial design depends on: the number of variants of designs; the object of registration of an individual or legal entity, from the terms of registration.

The cost of a patent for a utility model and an invention depends on: the object of registration of an individual or legal entity, the period of registration, the number of registered objects.

If you order, for example, an intellectual property protection or another service package, you will receive a 20% discount on the total amount of the service order. In the case of a non-standard request, the cost of the services provided can be agreed on an individual basis.