Protection of intellectual property rights in court

Protection of intellectual property rights in court. Intellectual property, like any other type of property, is often the subject of illegal actions by third parties. Enforcement of intellectual property rights can take place through litigation when an understanding cannot be reached through negotiation. To protect intellectual property rights, first of all, it is necessary to own these rights, as well as to have documentary evidence of your rights (patent, certificate, license agreement).
We successfully work on disputes on the protection of intellectual property rights for patents, trademarks, trade secrets, advertising rights, illegal use of your databases, domain names, and copyrights.

Why is it necessary to protect intellectual property rights in court?

If you protect your brand, results of operations, industrial designs, etc. from illegal use by third parties, unscrupulous competitors.
Every company has difficulties, but not every one leads to litigation. But if the issue still reaches the court, you will need competent legal support. It is the court that is the most effective method of protecting violated rights, therefore, high-quality representation in court is a very important task. All documents must be correctly drafted and submitted on time, and a representative of the company must be present at each meeting. In addition, the law on the protection of intellectual property rights is very specific, so effective representation requires a deep knowledge of such law.

Trademark Litigation

Our firm will represent you in disputes related to trademarks, unfair use of domain names, unfair advertising and unfair competition.
Our trademark and registration dispute resolution lawyers can help you develop and implement a global strategy to protect your IT company brand. We can help you with trademark registration, as well as dispute resolution related to trademark infringement, distribution of counterfeit products, infringement of your copyrights, as well as issues related to unfair use of trademarks.

Disputes over trade secrets or know-how

The specialists of our company conduct cases related to the violation of trade secrets. We have extensive experience in resolving disputes related to theft of production technology, customer list, business model and cases of violation of trade secrets by employees.
Our team can also prepare a legally competent strategy for protecting your production secrets, since in the context of globalization and informatization of commercial relations, information protection is a paramount task for every company.

Database Copy Disputes

Our team represents you in complex disputes related to the illegal borrowing of databases.
It may seem that representing in court in disputes related to the protection of intellectual property rights is no different from other categories of cases, and this can be handled by an in-house lawyer of the company. Firstly, a small company may not have a full-time lawyer, and secondly, not every lawyer is sufficiently savvy in such matters.

Legal support (conduct) during the trial of a case in court includes:

– collection of evidence of violation of rights
– preparation of legal documents (lawsuits, appeals, cassation complaints, etc.)
– participation in court hearings
– control over the implementation of court decisions
– challenging the decision of the court in higher instances

Terms of cooperation

Payment for our services is hourly.

For 1 hour – 50$. Based on this rate, we calculate prices for services.

The approximate price for the service is $200 – $300. The cost of protecting intellectual property rights in court depends on the complexity of the case, the details of the client’s request. If you order, for example, an intellectual property protection service package or another service package, you will receive a 20% discount on the total amount of the service order. In the case of a non-standard request, the cost of the services provided can be agreed on an individual basis.