Registration of copyright for the Software

Registration of copyright for the Software. Copyright objects subject to registration include digital content: computer programs, websites, blogs.

What do you need to register the copyright for a computer program?

Certificate of copyright officially confirms your authorship and testifies that all property and non-property rights belong only to you.

It also fixes the date of creation of the work, which is of key importance in possible disputes. In the case of prosecution of violators of your rights, you do not need to additionally establish authorship during the consideration of the case, provide the court with additional materials, source files or drafts, because you will already have a document officially confirming it. In addition, work with violations of rights on the Internet is greatly simplified – the administration of social networks is more willing to satisfy complaints containing information about the presence of a title of protection.

After registration, you will have the right to:

  1. Use your copyright intellectual property rights to a computer program (i.e. make a profit from use; make a profit from the sale of the program; it is also possible to evaluate the rights to the program, for example, in order to contribute to the authorized capital of a new enterprise , etc.)
  2. Permit the use of the object of copyright – a computer program to other persons (provide licenses for the program for a “royalty” payment orwithout payment).
  3. Prohibit the illegal use of the object of copyright – a computer program to other persons.

State registration of copyright in a computer program can be carried out by:

Having created a program, the programmer receives certain rights to it. Which?

Non-property copyright:

  1. Right of recognition of authorship: the programmer has the right to have his authorship recognized by indicating the name of the author on the work and on its copies, for example, on disks on which a computer program is recorded;
  2. The right to anonymity: to forbid the indication of one’s own name if the author wishes to remain anonymous;
  3. Right to a pseudonym: use any name or nickname if the author wishes to remain anonymous;
  4. The right to preserve the integrity of the work and to resist its distortion, other substitution of the work, or infringement that may harm the honor and reputation of the author: for example, to prohibit the introduction of additional code into the program.

Property copyrights:

  1. Exclusive right to use the program;
  2. The exclusive right to allow or prohibit the use of the program by others.

The exclusive right to use the program means the right to use it in any form and in any way, for example, install and use it for its direct functional purpose, post it on the Internet for download, burn it to disks, improve the program.

Terms of cooperation

Payment for our services is hourly.

For 1 hour – 50$. Based on this rate, we calculate prices for services.

The approximate price for the service is $200 – $300. The cost of software copyright registration depends on the type of applicant (legal or natural person) and the number of authors. If you order, for example, an intellectual property protection or another service package, you will receive a 20% discount on the total amount of the service order. In the case of a non-standard request, the cost of the services provided can be agreed on an individual basis.