Registration of Тrade Mark

Registration of Тrade Mark. Registration of TM is one of the main tools for protecting intellectual property for IT professionals. You may encounter such names as a mark for goods and services, a trademark, a service mark, a trademark, TM, a logo, a brand. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a long time, don’t neglect protecting your brand.

Why is a trademark registered?

  1. Protection Against Competitor
    Encroachment A certificate secures ownership of a trademark solely to you. You get an effective tool to deal with imitators.
  2. Added value to your business
    Turning your trademark into an asset of value that can be contributed to share capital.
  3. Opportunities for scaling
    Brand license, franchise, separate branches – you choose the options for scaling.
  4. Publish and monetize IT products.
  5. Protection from unfair competition
    A trademark is an effective tool to counter the production of counterfeit products.
  6. The right to register a domain in the .UA
    Zone A .UA
    domain can be registered only on the basis of a TM registration certificate.
  7. Customs protection
    A trademark in the customs register is a green light for your goods and a red light for counterfeiters.
  8. Creating your own brand
    A brand is a well-known trademark with a reputation that significantly increases its value. A brand does not exist without a registered TM.
  9. Owning a unique brand name is the best way to let others know that your business is for the long haul.

The official process of trademark registration in Ukraine lasts from 13 to 18 months under the general from 8 to 10 months under the accelerated procedure, and sometimes even longer.

Stages of trademark registration:

The owner of the certificate can affix a mark next to the registered trademark (sign), indicating that such a TM is registered and protected by the current legislation of Ukraine. The validity of the certificate in Ukraine is 10 years, after which the owner has the right to extend it for another 10 years.

It should be noted that the certificate is valid only in the territory of the state where it was issued. If the trademark is to be used in a foreign market, a Madrid Registration is required. Law firm Pravelon is ready to provide support and support both in case of regional registration of TM, and in case of its international registration.

What does the client get?

  1. We determine your needs for
  2. trademark registration Checking the possibilities of trademark registration
  3. Preparation of materials and support of the application
  4. The client receives a certificate

Terms of cooperation

Payment for our services is hourly.

For 1 hour – 50$. Based on this rate, we calculate prices for services.

The approximate price for the service is $200 – $300. The cost of registering a trademark depends on: the type of trademark (word, figurative, combined or three-dimensional), its color scheme (black and white or color), the number of applicants per application, the registration period, the number of applicants per application, standard registration or accelerated registration of a trade mark. brand, individual or legal entity. If you order, for example, an intellectual property protection or another service package, you will receive a 20% discount on the total amount of the service order. In the case of a non-standard request, the cost of the services provided can be agreed on an individual basis.