Change company name

About the service

Change of company name is a legal procedure for documentary replacement of the old company name with a new one.

All information about the name of your business is stored in the Unified State Register of Enterprises of Ukraine. When changing the name of the company, making changes to the Unified State Register is necessary. Changing the company name implies the procedure for state re-registration of the old company name to a new one, with the issuance of new statutory documents.

When changing the name of a legal entity, it is worth remembering that all the constituent documents of the company will also require changes, in addition, seals, certificates (VAT, EN), licenses and permits issued for the old company name should be changed.


Price service change of the legal name of the company

The price of the service is 3000 UAH

Change company nameThe cost of this service includes:

  1. Questioning the client, studying the situation
  2. Legal consultation
  3. Checking the new company name in the registers
  4. State registration of a new company name
  5. Obtaining an inventory and extract from the Unified State Register of Enterprises
  6. Support in the production of a new company seal (if necessary)

Consultation on the company name change service:

Service price - 1500 UAH

The cost of this service includes:

  • detailed advice on changing the name of the company
  • practical tips for documenting a company name change
  • algorithm for generating a package of documents for changing the legal name of a company

How to order?

To order the company name change service, you must contact Pravelon representatives and provide the following information:

  • Extract from USREOU
  • New company name
  • The current version of the charter

Procedure for cooperation with the client:

  1. Client's request to change company name
  2. Client Questionnaires: Providing Details About a Company Name Change
  3. Checking the new company name against the registers
  4. Preparation of all necessary documents
  5. Issuance of a package of documents to the hands of the client


In what cases is it necessary to change the name of the company?

  • If you became the owner of the company, but the name does not correspond to the type of business that the company will be engaged in
  • If the old name does not suit your preferences
  • Change of type of activity of the company
  • Legislative changes that oblige to change the name
  • Merger, separation of companies

When can I rename my company?

You can initiate a change of your company name at any time

Are there any restrictions in choosing a new company name?

Yes, there are such restrictions. According to Ukrainian legislation, it is forbidden to choose a company name that is already in the register, as well as restrictions on the use of state names. Legal company Pravelon carefully checks the new name of the company for compliance with current legislation.

Are there certain requirements (restrictions) regarding the commercial name of the company?

Yes, such restrictions exist. The name of the legal entity should not mislead consumers regarding the type of activity of the legal entity, as well as their goods and services.

What language should the company name be in?

The name of the company must be exclusively in the state language of Ukraine, if desired, you can add transliteration in English letters.

Can I patent my company name?

Yes, Pravelon provides a trademark registration service, which can later be used as a company name, by clicking on the link.