Change the type of economic activity of the company

About the service

Changing the types of economic activities of the company (KVED) is a procedure that is necessary when changing or adding the types of activities of a limited liability company / individual entrepreneur.

All information about the type of activity of your business is stored in the Unified State Register of Enterprises of Ukraine. When changing the types of activities of the company, making changes to the Unified State Register is necessary.


Price service for changing the code of economic activity of the company:

The price of the service is 3000 UAH

change business activity code

Change business activity code

The cost of this service includes:

  • Client questionnaires: providing details about changes in the company's activity
  • Selection of a new type of activity based on the client's request
  • Filling in registration cards for the change of KVED
  • Submission of documents to the state registrar
  • Obtaining an inventory of documents
  • Obtaining an extract from the USR
  • Issuance of a package of documents to the hands of the client

Additionally paid:

  • notarization of signatures on charters/minutes - the cost depends on the number of signatories/documents
  • departure of the notary to the client - by agreement, depending on the location of the client at the rate of 1000 UAH / hour of work of the notary (minimum order - 2 hours)
  • state duty - 800 UAH

Consultation on changing the code of the type of economic activity:

Service price - 1500 UAH

The cost of this service includes:

  • detailed consultation on changing the KVED
  • practical advice on documenting the change of KVED
  • algorithm for generating a package of documents for changing the KVED at the state register

How to order?

To order the service of changing the KVED, you need to contact representatives of the Pravelon company and provide the following information:

  • An extract from the enterprise in which it is necessary to make changes to the KVED
  • Originals/scanned copies of statutory documents
  • KVEDs that need to be entered into the USREOU or describe services for which KVEDs need to be determined

Procedure for cooperation with the client:

  1. Client's request to change/add KVED
  2. Questioning the client: providing details about changes in the type (s) of the company's activities
  3. Paperwork based on the client's request
  4. Service performance
  5. Delivery of documents to the client


Is it necessary to make changes to the statutory documents when replacing KVED for a limited liability company?

It all depends on what type of activity you add/remove/change. If you decide to change the main activity, in this case, it is necessary to make changes to the statutory documents. If, however, you have added / removed an additional KVED, in this case, we advise you to consult with the lawyers of our company.

The activities of my company require obtaining a license, in which case do I need to make changes to the statutory documents?

Yes, if, based on the types of activity, you need a license, when replacing / adding KVED, regardless of whether the classifier of the type of activity is the main or additional one.

Is an extract issued after adding / deleting additional KVED?

An extract is issued only when replacing the main activity of the company.

However, data on additional activities are stored and published in the Unified State Register.

Are there any restrictions on the number of types of KVED activities in accordance with Ukrainian legislation?

The current legislation of Ukraine does not provide for restrictions on the number of KVED. But, it should be remembered that KVED should not contradict each other, as well as the main type of activity and the selected taxation group.

Does the amount of the administrative fee vary depending on the number of KVED?

According to the legislation of Ukraine, it is fixed, regardless of the number of KVED.

In what cases should the type of activity of the company be changed?

  1. If necessary, add new types of economic activity;
  2. If necessary, remove unused types of economic activity from the register;
  3. When changing the type of activity of an existing company;
  4. When merging companies;
  5. When dividing companies;
  6. When buying an existing company, if the activities do not suit you;
  7. In a number of other individual cases.

How to change KVED for an individual entrepreneur?

To change the KVED for FOP, it is enough to make a decision to make the appropriate changes to the USREOU. Notarization of the decision is not required.

How to change KVED for a legal entity?

To change the KVED for a legal entity, it is necessary to convene and hold a general meeting of participants / founders. In this case, the decision of the general meeting must be recorded in the minutes and notarized.

The decision to change the KVED is made in accordance with the statutory documents of the enterprise.

Are the owners of the company required to personally attend the notary to draw up the minutes?

To draw up a protocol on amendments to the EDRPOU on KVEDs, the owner / owners of the company can be present either in person or by issuing notarized powers of attorney to authorized persons.

Who can register changes with the state registrar?

The head of the company or an authorized person by proxy can carry out the procedure for submitting documents. The power of attorney must be issued on behalf of the company and notarized. 

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