Disputes about compensation of damage caused by the aggression of the russian federation

About the service

Disputes regarding compensation for damages caused by the armed aggression of the Russian Federation are becoming an increasingly frequent phenomenon in Ukraine. Since the military invasion began in 2014, however, many Ukrainians still do not know that their rights have been violated and will continue to be violated now by the aggressor country.
The Russian Federation seized the territories of eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, as well as Crimea, and these actions affected the well-being of every citizen of Ukraine. Every citizen of Ukraine has the right to compensation from the actions of the Russian Federation. In addition, victims of military operations are provided with compensation from the state of Ukraine, international structures, European aid funds, and directly from the enemy country.
The lawyers of our company have considerable experience in litigation and have a very positive experience in supporting court cases in this direction.


Price of dispute services of this category:

Standard dispute - 19990 UAH + 10%:

The price of the service includes:

  • study of client documents
  • preparing a claim from a client
  • accompaniment of a claim in court
  • obtaining a judgment and a court order

The cost of representing interests is calculated according to the formula: UAH 19,990 + 10% of the actual collected amount.

There are no additional payments.

In case of a dispute regarding the determination of the amount of damage, compensation for damage, individually defined claims - from 35990 UAH:

Participation in the judicial representation of the interests of the client - from 35990 UAH

Disputes about compensationThe price of the service includes:

  • study of documents on the damage caused by the aggressor country
  • determination of the optimal method of protection 
  • preparing a claim from a client 
  • preparing a statement of claim accompaniment of a claim in court obtaining a judgment

The cost of the service for compensation for damage caused by Russia's aggression is calculated according to the formula: the number of hours spent on the lawyer's hourly rate + the percentage of the recovered amount of the claim (5-10%).

Additionally paid:

  • court fee - a percentage of the amount of the claim established by law (depending on the respondent - the Russian Federation or another defendant);
  • postage - expenses for the delivery of correspondence, couriers, etc.;
  • travel expenses for a lawyer - funds for arrival at the place of the court session, accommodation and meals for a lawyer.


How to order?

To order services for representation of interests to compensate for damage caused by the aggression of the Russian Federation, you need to contact representatives of Pravelon and provide the following information:

  • Passport or statutory documents of the plaintiff;
  • Evidence of violated rights, destroyed property, etc.;
  • Other documents upon request of Pravelon representatives.

Procedure for cooperation with the client:

  • Client's request to represent his interests in court
  • Examination of the originally submitted documents by the client
  • Signing an agreement with a client on representation of interests
  • Representation of the client's interests in a dispute
  • Getting the best possible result for the client