Checking the real estate property

Checking the real estate property

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Real estate property verification includes:

Why do you need to check the property before buying?

When buying a property, there are a number of risks:

  1. Illegal investment scheme in real estate;
    When investing money in real estate, there are a number of risks. Incorrectly drawn up documents, a black notary, you can simply lose your financial resources and be left with nothing. Our lawyers will conduct a full audit of the investment object, identify all the risks and benefits; Experience over 12 years.
  2. Unscrupulous sellers;
    There are a number of fraudulent schemes that our lawyers have encountered when checking real estate. The client may be given documents to sign that are completely inconsistent with the law; Also, a “setup” can be made, the documentation will not be related to the acquired object. Also, real estate objects can be sold to several buyers at the same time. In the end, it may turn out that you are not the only owner of the acquired property.
  3. Judicial arrests or bank pledge;
    A property may be the subject of litigation between several owners. The property may be built on a loan that the developer has not repaid. In this case, the housing will become the property of the bank, and you will lose your invested funds.
  4. Purchase of non-privatized real estate;
    Often, realtors and property owners create their own fraudulent schemes in order to quickly sell non-privatized property, earning their interest on it. After the sale, unscrupulous sellers and realtors disappear, leaving the client with nothing.
    Remember! It is impossible to become the owner of a housing or commercial facility that has not gone through the privatization procedure. Verification of documents for the purchase of an apartment should be carried out by a lawyer.
  5. “Black notary”;
    A notary may be “fictitious”, not having a license to engage in notarial activities, subsequently all documents will be invalid, and the transaction will be fictitious;
  6. Third party residents;
    Other tenants may be registered in the house/apartment. Moreover, these may not only be minor children who cannot be discharged, sometimes the apartment is the legal address of a commercial company.

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If you do not want to expose yourself to the risks associated with the purchase of real estate, seek help from Pravelon lawyers, more than 12 years of practice in the market.