Property Buyer Verification

Property Buyer Verification

Verification of the buyer of real estate includes:

Why do you need to check the buyer of real estate before selling?

When selling real estate, there are a number of risks:

“Unscrupulous Buyers”:

There are a number of fraudulent schemes that our lawyers have encountered when checking real estate. The client may be given documents to sign that are completely inconsistent with the law; The buyer may be incompetent, and the transaction will be declared invalid. The buyer may be a citizen of the aggressor country, arrive in Ukraine and buy real estate here, may be the target for further terrorist attacks or the formation of underground criminal groups.

Property Buyer Verification with Pravelon. How can we help you?

If you do not want to expose yourself to the risks associated with the purchase of real estate, seek help from Pravelon lawyers, more than 12 years of practice in the market.