Temporary immigration on the business basis



If you want to run your business in Ukraine&live in the territory of Ukraine being the director of your company – this service is for you.

Ordering this service you get running company with international bank account&you will be the official director of your own company, with the work permit for yourself which allows you to get temporary residence permit for 1 or 2 years with accounting&legal support of your business.

As per our experience of cooperation with clients all over the world we propose next packages for you for doing business in Ukraine:

Packages Start Standard VIP
Price (USD) 1500 2000 3000
Tax Number
Company registration
Consulting of business activity
Company bank account
Work Permit
Legal consultations about purchase and sale of land, real estate, cars, helicopters, aircraft, yachts, etc.
Application support at the consulate of Ukraine on the territory of a country of residence/location
Reservation of hotels, apartments
Meeting&Accompanying from the airport to a hotel/office
Accounting company support
Legal support with obtaining of a temporary residence card in Ukraine (for 1 year)
Legal support with obtaining of a temporary residence card in Ukraine (for 2 years)
Legal help with registration of place of residence in Ukraine (for 1 year)
Legal help with registration of place of residence in Ukraine (for 2 years)
Terms: 50 days Terms: 50 days Terms: 50 days

All government fees and payment are included into the price. No hidden payments!

Prices for doing business in Ukraine are valid for applicants who can provide apostilled documents.
In case when client is located in Ukraine – payment could be done in UAH with the current commercial rate of UAH to USD, stated on the site https://kurs.com.ua/



1. Why should I register business in Ukraine?

Ukraine is the country, which gives an opportunity for businessmen with international yearly income of $210,000 to receive an income from all over the world, при with only 5% income tax. This simplified tax system came in handy for millions of ukrainians&foreigners, who is running business worldwide under Ukraine jurisdiction.

2. Is it simple to register business in Ukraine?

With the help of Pravelon company your business registration will take a few days and you will be able to rule your business just in couple of days after its registration. You will be able to arrange remote work of your company from any place worldwide and you will have an international bank account in USD

3. Should I register full pack of services, if my citizenship allows me visa-free period in Ukraine?



If you don’t have a need to stay in Ukraine and your business could be managed remotely, you can order specific services from the packages. In this case, taking into account service provision way, Pravelon lawyers make the final decision about the possibility of services to be performed and taking order to service.*

For example, you can’t order company registration without ordering tax ID number for an owner. If a client wants to establish a company without tax ID – service will be denied.
4. How much costs legal&accounting business support in Ukraine?
The answer to this question depends on the scope of business, quantity of contracts, transactions, and scope of services. Minimum support of the company with 1 employee for minimum salary and with no activity will cost 200 USD*. Details – here
* one-time payment for 12 months (quaterly payment – the cost is 225 USD per month, monthly payment – the cost is 250 USD per month)
5. How I can extend my staying in Ukraine after documents expiration date?
I case, if Pravelon company provided you legal&accounting support during all its registration in Ukraine, we guarantee, that extending of all the documents for you will be smooth&sound and you will get renewed documents with the discount of 25% from the price list for services. In addition you will get 10% discount for the next contract period for legal&accounting support.
Doing business in Ukraine.