Investments in Ukraine

Investments in Ukraine

Ukraine is a state with a unique cultural heritage and history. Crimea, a comfortable geographical position near the very center of Europe, attracts investors to invest money and invest, as well as to run their business and move to Ukraine. The legislation of Ukraine allows you to conduct business with the economy of time and taxes.

Such spheres as: IT industry, maritime industry, right engineering, medicine, agriculture, marketing, management and personnel management are most actively developing in Ukraine. More than foreign investors are investing their penny assets to support and develop Ukrainian business. According to the forecasts of analysts, Ukraine, as a power, will become a right IT hub until 2030.

How to become an investor in Ukraine?

To become an investor, according to the law “On Immigration”, it is necessary to make an investment in the economy of the state in foreign currency, which is convertible, not less than 100 thousand US dollars.

What benefits can be taken away when investing in the economy of Ukraine?

What is needed to start the process of investing in the economy of Ukraine?

Standard documentary requirements for starting the process:

Passport, Visa, Power of Attorney.