Relatives of citizens of Ukraine

Relatives of citizens of Ukraine

Are you a relative of a citizen of Ukraine? Your brother/sister is a citizen of Ukraine, and you are a stateless person, or do you have citizenship of another country? Your father / mother is a citizen of Ukraine, and do you have another citizenship, or are you a stateless person?


Do you want to move to Ukraine and live legally in the country?

Do you want to obtain citizenship of Ukraine?

Do you want to reunite with your family in Ukraine?


We can help you!

What does a permanent residence permit for family ties mean in Ukraine?

A permanent residence permit is a document that gives the right to stay in Ukraine indefinitely, equated to the residence of the country. Family ties in Ukraine – means that your relatives have Ukrainian citizenship, and you are a citizen of another country (stateless person).

Benefits of obtaining permanent residence in Ukraine:

  1. Indefinite stay in Ukraine;
  2. Visiting the country without visas and without limits;
  3. Work in a Ukrainian company without obtaining a work permit;
  4. Obtaining citizenship in the future (if desired);
  5. Free medicine;
  6. Free education in schools, kindergartens for your children;
  7. Live in an EU candidate country;

How to get a permanent residence permit based on kinship in Ukraine?

Standard requirements: passport scan; documents confirming legal stay in Ukraine; documents confirming a related sign with a citizen of Ukraine: birth certificate of relatives, passport details of your relatives, Ukrainian passport of relatives, any documentary evidence of the fact of residence in Ukraine; Power of attorney for our lawyers.

Relatives of citizens of Ukraine