Territorial origin from Ukraine

Territorial origin from Ukraine

Are you a foreigner and want to live in Ukraine? Did your distant relatives ever live in Ukraine (Ukrainian SSR)?

In this case, you have the opportunity to live in Ukraine on all legal grounds, and in the future to obtain citizenship of Ukraine.

Territorial origin from Ukraine makes it possible to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, on certain grounds:


Until August 24, 1991, in the territory that became the territory of Ukraine, a foreigner must provide documented data on the fact of birth or permanent residence:


What does a permanent residence permit on a territorial basis mean?

A permanent residence permit is a document that gives the right to stay in Ukraine indefinitely, equated to the residence of the country. Territorial sign – means that your relatives had a close connection with Ukraine: they were citizens or residents.

Benefits of obtaining permanent residence in Ukraine:

How to obtain citizenship of Ukraine on a territorial basis?

Standard requirements: passport scan; documents confirming legal stay in Ukraine; documents confirming the territorial sign: birth certificate of relatives who lived on the territory of Ukraine, passport data of your relatives, any documentary evidence of the fact of residence on the territory of Ukraine; Power of attorney for our lawyers.