Tax number


Tax identification number (Tax number) is a number which is issued by Tax State Service of Ukraine to any person who pays taxes to Ukrainian government.

Налоговый номер

Why do you need tax identification number?

You need to obtain tax identification number if you are Ukrainian citizen, foreign citizen or a stateless person and you want to:

  1. Open personal bank account in Ukraine,
  2. Register a business/ open a company in Ukraine,
  3. To buy or sell real estate property in Ukraine,
  4. Become a founder or a shareholder of the company in Ukraine,
  5. To get a job, get a work permit and to work in Ukrainian company,
  6. To get education in Ukraine,
  7. To receive inheritance;


How to get tax identification number?

Tax identification number is issuing by local division of State Tax Service of Ukraine, within 5 working days from the date of documents submission.

Usual requirements to get tax id number are: passport scan copy, documents which confirm legal staying in Ukraine if any, power of attorney for our lawyers. There could be some changes for document requirements from case to case.

If you need to obtain a tax identification number of Ukraine, please contact us with a form below.

Term of service from 3 working days.